Mac OS X Lion: The Missing Manual

With Lion, Apple has unleashed the most innovative version of Mac OS X yet—and once again, David Pogue brings his humor and expertise to the #1 bestselling Mac book. Mac OS X 10.7 completely transforms the Mac user interface with multi-touch gestures borrowed from the iPhone and iPad, and includes more 250 brand-new features. This book reveals them all with a wealth of insight and detail–and even does a deep dive into iCloud, Apple’s wireless, free syncing service for Macs, PCs, iPhones, and iPads.

  • Perfect for newcomers. Get crystal-clear, jargon-free introduction to the Dock, the Mac OS X folder structure, Safari, Mail, and iCloud.
  • Go in-depth. Learn how use key new features such as full-screen apps, Mission Control, the new Mac App Store, Launchpad, Resume, Auto Save, Versions, AirDrop, and more. Are you even more of a power user? Learn to set up a network, make a Lion flash drive, and even learn the basics of Lion’s underlying Unix.

Theres something new on practically every page of this new edition, and David Pogue brings his celebrated wit and expertise to every one of them. Apple’s brought a new cat to town, and Mac OS X Lion: The Missing Manual is the best way to tame it.

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2 thoughts on “Mac OS X Lion: The Missing Manual

  1. Get a Mac? Gotta have Pogue! Personally, I hate change. Once I get familiar with an OS, I usually go kicking and screaming to the next one. Such was the case when I “Lionized.” There were enough changes in it for a reasonably steep learning curve and I haven’t got time to waste plodding uphill, so I got some “Pogue-Power” to help me get up that slope. Been using his Missing Manual series since Tiger and have found them greatly useful and a great accompaniment to a new OS. The series title is apt… Missing Manual is right…

  2. Pogue’s latest Mac OS X book is a “Slam Dunk”! This is a fantastic and thorough book on the latest Mac OS. Be forewarned, that to get the most from this wonderful work, you should digest it in small chunks. David Pogue’s writing style is easy to read and he combines a nice (but not overdone) set of screen shots. Combine these elements with his sense of humor and bits of the Mac OS history, and you have both a very readable document, but also an excellent reference book. I have recommended this book to many Mac Users, of all skill…

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