2 Pack TP-LINK N300 DOCSIS 3.0 of Ethernet Patch CAT6 Cables (32 Feet) in Blue – 24 AWG Premium Category 6 Snagless Computer Networking Cords, High Copper Content CCA

From Kable King, CAT 6 Cable Supplier
• Safe and fast data transmission with advanced technology
• 1000’s of happy users

CAT 6 Male to CAT 6 Male Cable for Data Transmission
Offering the best and easiest CAT 6 connection to printers, computers and routers, providing a fast and secure connection. CAT 6 cable compatible with any devices using a female CAT 6 port.

Better, Faster
High quality crystal clear see trough connection points and premium quality copper supports fast data transmission speed.

Smart Solution for Ethernet Connection
Plug & play design makes it easy to set up, simply connect at each end and you’re good to go!

Superior Data Transmission with Superior Materials
Made from high quality materials, which offer the best speed and protection for the cable. The flexible jacket makes it easy to install, even in very space restricted areas like tight corners.

Unrivaled Durability
Designed with high quality copper, providing maximum durability, withstanding even extreme circumstances, like bending, stretching and twisting. High quality see trough connection points are shielding the CAT 6 cable against corrosion to minimize interferences for perfect signal.

• Color: Black
• Length: 32 Feet
• Connector 1: CAT 6 Cable Male
• Connector 2: CAT 6 Cable Male

Package Content
2 Pack – 32ft CAT 6 Male to CAT 6 Male Cable in Black<br

Product Features

  • HIGH QUALITY CAT6 CABLES: 2 Pack of TIA/EIA 568-C.2 compliant CAT6 ethernet network cables (all 32ft) for connecting a range of LAN network devices including printers, routers, computers, PoE devices, computer servers, and many more ethernet compatible components
  • CASH SAVING BUNDLES: A huge selection of bundles and sizes are currently available in packs of 5 and 10 durable CAT6 cables from 3ft to 10ft in length. Higher quality at cheaper price than many competing offers
  • COMPLETE CAT6 COMPATIBILITY: Designed with a durable and sturdy PVC protective coating and slim-lined 24 AWG stranded connection points to ensure your connection is never lost ever again. In order to make sure this is the correct item you are looking for, this item can also be known as a CAT6 network cable, CAT6 Ethernet Cable, and CAT 6 data/LAN cable
  • MASSIVE BANDWIDTH: Can be used instead a CAT5e however offers much faster and powerful connection speeds. Also guaranteed to work with many future ethernet devices and designs of 10-Gigabit and contains backwards compatibility
  • TWISTED COPPER WIRING: Improved internal copper wiring for higher protection allows protection against interference from EMI/RFI and also provides accurate data transfer and reliability

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2 thoughts on “2 Pack TP-LINK N300 DOCSIS 3.0 of Ethernet Patch CAT6 Cables (32 Feet) in Blue – 24 AWG Premium Category 6 Snagless Computer Networking Cords, High Copper Content CCA

  1. CAT 6 ?? They seem to work great. I don’t know much to say about them, they work as designed. I get good speed as far as I can tell. I see they are CCA but I don’t see any signal loss over these short of lengths going 10 feet from a router to a game console. I am able tohhe completely max out my home internet connection and LAN speeds seem to max out the ethernet adapter for each device.The “snagless” ends seem to be nice. Most of my cat5e cables have the clips broken off of the…

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