Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse and Mini Gaming Mouse Pad, Blue

Product Features

  • Contoured shape with soft rubber grips provide all-day comfort
  • Back/forward buttons and side-to-side scrolling plus zoom let you do more, faster Requires Logitech Options software
  • 2-year battery life practically eliminates the need to replace batteries Battery life may vary based on user and computing conditions
  • Mini gaming mouse pad-ideal for gamers, graphic designers, or anyone who uses a mouse
  • High-quality cloth surface promotes smooth mouse gliding and enhanced precision
  • Steady, thick, rubberized base keeps mouse pad in place

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2 thoughts on “Logitech M510 Wireless Mouse and Mini Gaming Mouse Pad, Blue

  1. The updated M510 mouse This review is for the returning M510 users out there. If you’ve owned this mouse, you should know that that Logitech has changed the design a little bit. Along with their new logo, the new “2nd Edition” M510 (missed opportunity by not calling it M510S or something) now also sports a “laser-grade” optical sensor, as opposed to the old “actual laser” sensor. After doing a deep dive for some information, the internet scholars on a couple first-page forums have confirmed a…

  2. Works Great–Until it Stops Working I’ve owned three of these mice of late, and both have run into similar problems.I will preface this review by stating that while they work, both mice functioned well. I like the size and shape, the extra buttons are useful for my editing work, and the mouse is precise and responsive. Most important to me, it’s comfortable. But with both mice, they would stop registering input or create input of their own. My last one acted like it was haunted, but it was out of warranty and I…

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