HP 8000/C2Q2.13/8GB/1TB/W7PRO: HP 8000 Elite SFF Desktop – Intel Core 2 Quad 2.13GHz, New 1TB HDD, 8GB DDR3 RAM, Microsoft Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit, WiFi, DVD-RW (Prepared by ReCircuit)

For the very best in business-class reliability! The professionally refurbished DC line of computers represents the epitome of rugged, durable design at an affordable price. Outfitted with a New 1TB hard drive with 2-year manufacturer warranty, for even greater reliability. You can count on the ReCircuit 8000 Elite to continually exceed your expectations for years to come. Provides the latest in cutting edge features thanks to the latest Windows 7 Professional pre-installed. Your copy of Windows is configured and optimized by our world-class team of certified technicians to give you the absolute best experience out of the box — no additional configuration needed! The ReCircuit 8000 Elite is the perfect complement to any home or office looking for an amazing experience at an affordable price.

Product Features

  • When you buy from ReCircuit, you can rest assured knowing that your computer has undergone the most rigorous testing process. We know that you count on your computer, and our acclaimed 31-point Diagnostic Test has you covered.
  • Our unrivaled refinishing process ensures that your refurbished computer looks its best, like the day it left the factory!
  • The Windows experience you know and love! Comes with Windows 7 Professional pre-installed, optimized by our world-class team of certified technicians to provide the best experience right out of the box.
  • Go green! Purchasing ReCircuit refurbished PCs can significantly reduce your carbon footprint!
  • We’ve got you covered! With our comprehensive Quick Start Guide, you’ll feel like a professional from day one. And with life-time technical support free of charge, our award-winning team of technicians and support staff is always on hand and eager to assist you!

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Infrastructure as Code: Managing Servers in the Cloud

Virtualization, cloud, containers, server automation, and software-defined networking are meant to simplify IT operations. But many organizations adopting these technologies have found that it only leads to a faster-growing sprawl of unmanageable systems. This is where infrastructure as code can help. With this practical guide, author Kief Morris of ThoughtWorks shows you how to effectively use principles, practices, and patterns pioneered through the DevOps movement to manage cloud age infrastructure.

Ideal for system administrators, infrastructure engineers, team leads, and architects, this book demonstrates various tools, techniques, and patterns you can use to implement infrastructure as code. In three parts, you’ll learn about the platforms and tooling involved in creating and configuring infrastructure elements, patterns for using these tools, and practices for making infrastructure as code work in your environment.

  • Examine the pitfalls that organizations fall into when adopting the new generation of infrastructure technologies
  • Understand the capabilities and service models of dynamic infrastructure platforms
  • Learn about tools that provide, provision, and configure core infrastructure resources
  • Explore services and tools for managing a dynamic infrastructure
  • Learn specific patterns and practices for provisioning servers, building server templates, and updating running servers

Product Features

  • O Reilly Media

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Here for your delectation is the SPECTACULAR & RARE—————-NORTON UTILITIES FOR WINDOWS 95 EMERGENCY DISK 1. This is in excellent condition (see photo). Check my feedback to see that I sell exactly as I describe. So bid now for this magnificent, impossible-to-find COMPUTER COLLECTIBLE.

Product Features

  • WINDOWS 95

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