Flannel Microfiber Non-slip Rubber Backing Soft Absorbent Doormat Mat Rug Carpet Cloud Computing Or Network Security Concept Pixelated Cloud With Padlock Icon On Digital 131579165 for Indoor/Outdoor/B

Bring comfort and style into your bathroom with this SCOCICI Bathroom Rug. The pattern adds fun and flair, livening up most any space.

This SCOCICI rug is soft to the touch and constructed to absorb water quickly. It is made of 100 percent flannel polyester, making it soft on your feet, and it features a non-skid, no-slip backing for helping keep it in place as you towel dry. This rug is machine washable for easy care. Use the versatile SCOCICI Flannel Rectangular Rug in the bathroom, kitchen, office, or bedroom.

Perfect for front door, back door, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, office, porch, stairs, balcony, etc.

This product is designed and sold exclusively by SCOCICI. Only buy from SCOCICI to get genuine SCOCICI(R) products with manufacturer warranty and superb customer service.

Product Features

  • This SCOCICI elegant bathroom rug features a popular pattern, which can blend with any existing home decor
  • Constructed to absorb water quickly, the SCOCICI Flannel Rectangular Rug is a comfortable accent rug for in front of sinks, showers, bath tubs and toilets
  • Made of high-quality soft flannel and anti-slip rubber backing. Good quality,8-15 Days for delivery
  • Perfect for front door, back door, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, dining room, office, porch, stairs, balcony, etc.Machine washable for easy care
  • This price includes only One piece of Rectangle Bathroom Rug, without other decorations(each sold separately in our store)

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OWC / Other World Computing In-Line Digital Thermal Sensor HDD Upgrade Cable for 27″ iMac 2012 and Later

Plug & Play in-line solution allows the use of any 3.5″ Serial ATA hard drive to be used in your iMac while maintaining proper system fan speed control via Apple’s built-in SMC with no software hacks. Fully compatible with Apple diagnostic testing. 27″ models utilize 3.5″ Hard Drives.

Product Features

  • Compatible with iMac Late 2012/2013 Model IDs iMac14,2 | iMac13,2
  • The kit includes OWC in-line digital thermal sensor cable, screen pick, and screen adhesives. Does not require the tools required to perform this upgrade.
  • Free install videos available on manufacturer’s site

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2 Digital Deli Weight Scales Price Computing Food Produce 60LB ACS-03



  • AC power: 110V (optional battery powered)
  • Precision: .11 lbs
  • Maximum weight: 66 lbs
  • Minimum weight: 0.22 lbs
  • Measurement: Pounds and Kilograms
  • Width: 14″
  • Length: 13″
  • Height: 4 1/2″
  • Weight: 8.5 lbs.

Setup and Suggestions

After opening the box of your new digital price computing scale, insert the power cord and plug it in. Put the scale on a solid flat surface and adjust the four feet and use the level bubble to manually level your scale. Then examine your scale to ensure that the AC light is on, if not, check connections.


Do Not over load your scale with heavy goods, the maximum weight of the scale is 66 lbs. If you have exceeded your scales maximum weight limit the “OL” words will appear and the scale will beep. If this does happen please remove goods from the scale to avoid damage.

Note: Platform Measurements: Length 13″ & Width 9″.

Note: Underside of weighing platform has only 3 pins. This is not a manufacturing defect.

Note: Displays Weight in LB and KG. There is a featured button where you can easily switch between the two.

Product Features

  • Kit Contains 2 Digital Scales
  • Displays Weight in Pounds and Kilograms, via a featured button where you can easily switch between the two
  • 5 digit LED LCD windows.
  • Electronic on/off switch, Bubble level indicator.

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